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Quick Start Kit, Services & Subscription Plans

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Quick Start Kit with Purchase of Every Hearing Aid

Every hearing aid purchase includes a Quick Start Kit. This kit gives you everything you need to start using and caring for your hearing aid right away. It includes a manual, storage case, cleaning brush, batteries, cleaning wipes, and 3 sizes of rubber domes/Tubes and a warranty card. Charger if applicable.

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Services Included with Hearing Aid Purchase

All HearFon customers have unlimited access to Online Support by our team of experts, to answer any queries, during office hours. With your hearing aid purchase, you will also get a 2-year warranty that covers any repairs not caused by user damage as well as reprogramming.

Product Warranty

All of our hearing aids come with a full 24-month manufacturer’s warranty, which covers manufacturing defects, while accessories and physical damages are not covered under warranty.

If your device stops functioning correctly, kindly see our repair page for more information about repairs.

Warranty claims will not be valid if the Hearing Aid supplied by HearFon has been modified or damaged by the user or if the serial number has been altered, or if repairs have been made without the consent and knowledge of HearFon. Device loss or user damage is not covered under warranty.


Where we ship

We can ship to most cities, however, courier charges may apply. Call +91 9845416622 or Email to learn more about shipping to your specific location

Repairs and Reprogramming

Repair Process

If your hearing aids are not working, it may require a repair.

Many issues can be solved at home, please try the following before contacting HearFon.

Replace with a fresh battery

Clean the device including the domes and device body

Replace the earwax guards

If these do not resolve your issues, here are the steps for an in-office repair

Step- 1

Call our support line on +91 9845416622 or you can email us at Our Customer Care Executives will guide you accordingly or alternately you can Dunzo it or deliver it to our office. In such cases, please follow the instructions to send your hearing aid into our office for evaluation.

Step- 2

Once we have your hearing aids, our technical team will evaluate the condition and offer you the repair options below.

  • Repair: Clean & Care
    Hearing aids that have stopped functioning due to a build-up of earwax can be cleaned and serviced and this process will take 3-5 working days once in office.
  • Repair at Company Lab
    Hearing aids with more extensive physical damage will need extra servicing at the company service center and may take 10 days.
Step- 3

Exchange Offer

If your hearing aids have been damaged beyond repair, then you will be offered a Exchange offer replacement option for a brand-new hearing aid model. The Exchange offer value will be based on the age and current condition of your devices. Our Customer Care Executives will contact you regarding the details of your repair and the Exchange offer value.


Hearing Aid Reprogramming

If you are facing challenges with the sound quality or amplification settings on the hearing aid, your device might require a reprogramming adjustment. We offer online adjustments free for the life of the hearing aid and would ask you to fill out the following questionnaire to let us know what issues you are experiencing.

We will contact you with details for any necessary adjustments. Home Visits will be chargeable extra.

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